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 **1973-1974 through 1979-1980 seasons were coached by Jack McAndrews             *=Playoffs

*1973-74' record 13-7
Larry Madiefsky-All League and MVP
Ed Fantine-All League

1974-75' record 8-10
Bob Hludzinski-All League and MVP

*1975-76' record 13-8
Bob Kumpfbeck-All League and MVP
Ed Mitro-All League

1976-77' record 6-12

1977-78 record 7-10
Steve Healy-All League and MVP

1978-79' record 8-10
Mark Solomon-All League and MVP

1979-80' record 7-10
Mark Solomon-All League and MVP
Murray Wichard-All League

   ** Smithtown East was coached by Lou Gambeski from 1980-81' through the 2009-10 season

*1980-1981 record 10-9
Murray Wichard-All League
Tom Bloomsberg-All League
Jeff Law-All League

1981-1982 record 3-15
Neil Winawer-All League and MVP

*1982-1983 record 13-6
Neil Winawer-All County and MVP
Tom Sapio-All League
John Beaulieu-All League

*1983-1984 record  14-7 (County semifinalist)
Tom sapio-All League,All tournament(sectional) and MVP
Tom Schmidt-All League
Glen Sulmasy-All League
1984-1985 record 1-17
Steve Schulman-All League and MVP

1985-1986 record 8-10
Harry Beresford-All League and MVP
Phil Black-ALL League
Rob Remild-all League

1986-1987 record 8-12
Rob Remhild-All Conference and MVp
Phil Black-All Conference

1987-1988 record 7-13
Phil Black-All County
Kevin O'Connell-All League

1988-1989 record 5-15
Chris Kocis-All League and MVP
Dan Mandel-All League-honorable

*1989-1990 record 14-8
Chris Kocis-All Conference and MVP
Dan Mandel-All League
Kevin Olvany-White letter and All League-honorable mention
Dennis McGoldrick-All League-honorable mention
Scott Holecek-All league-honorable mention
John O'Connell-All League-honorable

*1990-1991 record 17-5 (County semifinalist)
Kris Xippolitis-All County, All tournament(section XI) and MVP
John O'Connell-All Conference
Scott Holecek-All League-honorable mention
Ron Dyan-All League-honorable

*1991-1992 record 14-6
John O'Connell-All County and MVP 
John Forniero-All League
Ron Dyan-All League
Mike Remhild-All League-honorable mention
Gary Cucchi-All League-honorable mention
                                 **1992-93' through 2004-05'  seasons were played at Smithtown H.S.

*1992-1993 record 13-7
Joe Polizzi-All Conference and MVP
Gray Cucchi-All League                                                                                                           
Brian Doyle-All League-honorable mention
Carmie Elmore-All League-honorable mention
Vinny Giordano-All league-honorable mention

1993-1994 recoed 7-11
Corey Shepard-All Laegue
James Elmore-All league-honorable mention
Sean Meehan-All league-honorable mention

1994-1995 record 7-11
Rob Schwartz-All League and MVP
Chris Rollins-All League
Rich Giordano-All League-honorable mention
Derik Aasan-All League-honorable mention
George Quiveryn-All County-Academic

*1995-1996 record  14-6
Rob Schwartz -All Conference and MVP
Rich Giordano-AllLeague
Mike Javidi-All League-honorable mention
Joe Tartamella-All League-honorable mention
James Buonantono-All county-Academic

*1996-1997 record 8-11
Chris Lesch-All Conference and MVP
Joe Tartamella-All League
Dean Emma-All League-honorable mention
Patrick O'Reilly-All Laegue-honorable mention
Matt McGuire-White letter

*1997-1998 record 14-7(County semifinalist)
Chris Lesch-All Conference and MVP
Deam Emma-All League
James DeStefano-all League
Andrew Larsen-All League-honorable mention
Joe Wenzel-All League-honorable mention and white letter

*1998-1999 record 15-4 (LeagueI Champions)
James DeStefano-All County and MVP
Kevin Kulick-All League and White letter
Dan Crane-All League
Peter Laudicina-All County-Academic
Tim O'Connell-All lEague-honorable mention

1999-2000 record 9-9
Dan Wenzel-All Conference and MVP
Gannon Gambeski-All League
Mark Schartner-All County-Academic
Rich Cannava-White letter-All League-honorable mention
Greg Terebetzki All League-honorable mention

*2000-2001 record 13-8 (County semifinalist)
Dan Wenzel-AllConference
Mike MacMillan-All League and MVP
John Acerno-All League
Ryan Keaton-All League-honorable mention
Jason Sheridan-All League-honorable mention
Barry Esposito-White letter

2001-2002 record 8-11
Ryan Keaton-All Conference and MVP
Trent Olsen-All League
Mike MacMillan-All League-Honorable mention
Eric Bonaker-All League-honorable mention
Justin Miller-All County-Academic
Dan Rubertone-All League-honorable mention

2002-2003 reecord 8-11
Dan Rubertone-All Conference and MVP
Eric Bonacker-All League
Dan Strollo-Honorable mention-All League
Mike Saluzzi-Honorable mention-All League
Drew Desmarais-All County-Academic and White letter

2003-2004 record 9-11
Drew Desmaris-All Conference and MVP
Kellen Gambeski-All League
Chris Porcelli-All County-Academic
Tom Saggese-Honorable mention-All League
Mike Urbancik-Honorable mention-All League

*2004-2005 record 17-5
Drew Desmaris-Al conference and MVP
Lou Bontempo-AllConference and All tournament(Section XI)
Tom Saggese-All League
Mike Urbansik-Honorable mention-All League
Kevin Conway-Honorable mention -All League
Alex Kuschner-All County Academic

2005-2006 record 9-11
Mathew Hull-All Conference
Christian Colavito-All League
Kevin Contantino-All League
Bryant DeFranco-AllCounty-academic
Mike Porcelli-White Letter

2006-2007 record 8-11 
Matt Hull - All County Academic and Honorable mention-All League                                                                                                                        Christian Colavito - All League and MVP 
Ben Astarita-Honorable Mention All League
Mike Porcelli -White Letter

*2007-2008 record 9-11
Justin Donofrio - All County Academic& Honorable mention -All League
Joe Travis - All League
Mike Makarius - White Letter
Matt Thixton- Honorable Mention All League
Christian Colavito- All Conference and MVP 

2008-2009 record 8-11
Justin Donofrio-All League, MVP and White Letter
Anthony Gulotta-All League
Nick Travers-Honorable Mention All League
Kyle Sheridan-All County Academic

*2009-2010 record 8-11
Andrew Castello-All League and MVP
Jon Feiler-All League
Adam Hull-All County Academic
Alexander Gray-White Letter and Honorable mention-All League

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